Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Upstairs is COMPLETE!

This last weekend my hubby and I finally finished the renovations to the upstairs. Our first night sleeping up there was Saturday night! It went well, although as expected, my hubby HATES the new bed. I'm convinced he had his mind made up before he ever even laid on it. I spent Saturday and Sunday organizing our clothes and trying to reduce the amount of clothes we have to have hanging in the closet or in a dresser. Trying to sort through seasonal clothing! We went to the store and bought 4 more 30-gallon totes that were quickly filled with winter clothing.

Next on the agenda is the nursery. I am getting very excited for that! Although I am afraid I will be in need of a lot more help because even in the last week it seems even the smallest tasks exhaust me. I'm hoping to finish getting our clothes orgainzed and empty out our old room in the next couple of nights. Then I wash down the walls and clean the carpets. Once that much is done I can decide on a color of paint for the walls and decide whether I want to take on the task of painting all the trim work again or just leave it natural. I have a few friends and my sister that have volunteered to help me paint, so that will be helpful. I got news last Thursday that my hubby will be starting a job in Indiana today and working very long hours, so he won't be a very much help. I do have a few guys that have volunteered to help with any "man" labor needed! So that will be MUCH appreciated!! I am hoping that by the end of the month I can have the nursery completed, so the last month can be concentrated on organizing clothing and finding the little things that we might still have to purchase. I only have 6 weeks left, and that is if she doesn't come early!!

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  1. I'm there to help just let me know when your home and we'll knock it out!