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Our Family

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I need your opinion...

So I need your opinions...I am going to start decorating the nursery. I have my bedding theme already, but I need some ideas for what color to paint the walls??

I was thinking a buttercup yellow?? The crib, dresser and changing table are all white. There is pine trim in the bedroom now. I know that it would look amazing if I painted it all white, but the thought of doing that all again overwhelms me! I just finished painting all the trim for our upstairs bedroom and it took like 5 or 6 coats. WAS NOT FUN!! I was also thinking of painting the walls a red color, but unsure. The existing walls and carpet are blue, but I'm having a little girl and don't really want to keep it BLUE for obvious reasons. I have thought about orange, but I KNOW I would have to paint the trim white. I like the sage green, but I'm afraid after its done it would look more like mint green...like the old color of my bathroom.

I've got a couple of friends that want to paint decor on the walls and I have a couple of cute ideas.

I found this wall hanging that I think I will buy and I thought about painting the little circles all over the walls, or at least on a couple of the walls.

There are two windows in the room white blinds. I will be putting up these valances too.

I also want this mobile.

Let me know your opinions. If you think all the theme stuff is too much? What color you think would look the best? Should I paint the trim white? Do you think painting the circle decor on the walls would look cute??
Thanks. I will post pics as we decorate!!


  1. If you really want the trim white I can help. I think painting the walls red will be a little much. I think yellow, or a muted orange would look cute.

  2. I think I'm leaning more towards the yellow.

  3. My vote is for light green(more like grass,less like mint) or light orange(but not peach) like Nicki said. I cant really tell from the bedding pic,but i don't really see much yellow in it...is there? Also, what about a coat of primer first, then the white for the trim??


  4. Question.... is the trim chair molding (center of wall) or just around the doors & windows? If you have chair molding I think you should do a light tan on the bottom half of the walls and the buttercup yellow on the top half w/ some of the polka dots randomly thru out the top. If you don't have chair molding perhaps doing the wall that the crib is on light green and the other 3 walls tan and just for something fun and different the ceiling buttercup yellow. :-) SOOOOO many choices!! Have fun with it! Can't wait to see it!

  5. Yes, there is yellow in the bedding. If you look at a better picture of the bedding the top circle above the giraffe's head is yellow.

    As for the trim...its not that the trim is soaking in the paint, its just that when painting using a brush leaves lines in the trim. If I paint anymore trim, I will be buying a trim roller and seeing if that helps =)

    The trim is not chair molding. It is just around the doors, windows and base board.

    Thanks for all of your ideas. It is SUCH a hard decision!!

  6. Heatha! My opinion is this: if you paint green go with a white trim. If you paint yellow go with a dark brown trim. personally i think that the yellow and brown would look adorable with some random white, green,and orange circles that interlock with each other. IDK, but thats what i would do.
    and to paint the trim i have found that using a sponge brush works well. no lines.