Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Things About Us...

5 Things About Me....

1. I Absolutely LOVE my Family.
2. I can't resist an oreo and a nice cold glass of milk.
3. I love cartoon movies like Disney and Pixar!
4. I'm content with where my life has taken me.
5. I'm a very ANAL person and I organize everything that I possibly can on an Excel

5 Things About Aaron...

1. He LOVES rough housing with Aiden.
2. He hates to have his face or hair touched.
3. He recently realized he can grow an almost full beard.
4. He can fix anything, and if he doesn't at first know how, he will work on it until he figures it out!
5. The smell of vinegar makes him nearly throw up.

5 Things About Aiden...

1. Can speak a little Spanish (using it correctly).

2. Has no fear of anything, but yet still needs his mommy to kiss his owies.

3. Can watch the same movie 26 times in one day (and sit through the entire thing).

4. Cannot go anywhere without his "blue guy" A.k.a. Security Blanket.
5. Gave up his binky (pacifier) in one day.

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