Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Well...I have finally decided to do the environment a favor, not to mention my pocket book too! Thanks to my wonderful and dear friend Nicole, (visit her blog @ http://nicolesspirit878.blogspot.com/) I have been throwing the idea around to switch Miley over to cloth diapers. After doing some research and learning that a regular disposable diaper can take over 500 years to decompose in a land fill, I am now favoring cloth.
I have studied and researched the cost savings and found that even with the discounted Pampers diapers I have found online, we still pay around $35 (on average) for a package of 184 diapers. After researching and trusting my friend Nicole's experiences I have found that the Kawaii Cloth Diaper is the most cost efficient and has the best reputation. They even make a camo one ;)
The Kawaii Cloth Diapers run anywhere from $6.99 to $7.75 with the exception of one style that costs $11.20 each. FREE SHIPPING most of the time! 184 diapers lasts Miley roughly a month (give or take). I figure Miley will be in diapers till she is at least 2 years of age. She is 8 months old now, so that is 16 more months of diapers. Doing the math, that totals $560 we will be spending on diapers. I'm guessing we have already spent at least $300 - $400 in diapers since her birth. If I buy Miley enough diapers to last her all week (without having to wash a load mid week) I would probably have to buy 40 cloth diapers. Because of the range in price, I am going to use the average price of $8 each and leave out the $11.20 style. I am assuming I will only be purchasing a couple of those anyway (because some of the designs are really cute). So if I purchase 40 cloth diapers @ $8, the total would be $320.

That is a savings of $240. However, I would not have to purchase 40 diapers. I could purchase only 20 and do a load of diapers mid-week. That would only cost me $160...a savings of $400. This of course is all based on Miley potty training at 2 years old.

After looking though the Kawaii diapers that are available, I have found 21 diapers for $163.28 (the majority ranging around the $7 price). Here are just a couple that I liked!!

It disgusts me that I didn't do this earlier. The amount of money that we would have saved from the start would have been GREAT! Nicole tried to talk me into it, but I just couldn't justify coming up with that much money to start with. Now, I have definitely realized that buying ahead or buying in bulk SAVES A TON!
*Sorry, Nicki, for not taking your word!*
I guess I am posting this blog to help encourage the use of Cloth Diapers. They really do save so much money and are so much better on the environment. I wouldn't consider myself "green", but I try to help the environment when it benefits me. ;)

I know most of you are saying to yourself that you just don't have the time or patients to work with Cloth Diapers, or you are picturing the old school cloth diapers that your mother may have used (with pins). They have come such a long way!!! I have a full-time job with two kids. This IS doable for me! Just like the hesitations I got from people when I told them I was going to make my own baby food for Miley. It really doesn't take that much extra time. (Unless you are a family that eats microwaveable meals or you order out all the time.) Making Miley's food literally fits in with making supper. No extra time needed! The longest part of it is waiting for the food to boil, steam, or bake (however you choose to make it), but while you are waiting for that you can do anything else you need to.

Thank you for listening...you may now form your own opinion and feel free to let me know it in a comment!! =)

Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Pictures of Aiden & Miley Jo

I recently decided to get the kids' pictures taken again. We got with our photographer the day after Christmas to get pictures of Miley's 6 month and Aiden's 3 year pictures. We had several other outfits planned, but the kids' barely cooperated for the two changes. ;) I guess we will have to try again at a later time! They turned out great, given both Miley and Aiden's lack of cooperation.
Once again Andrea Ortiz of After the Stork Photography captured priceless photographs for us to cherish forever.
These are just a few...
Christmas Outfits

John Deere Outfits

Hope you enjoyed them! I know we sure did!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aiden's 3rd Birthday!

My little boy turned 3 years old on January 14th. The weekend before his birthday we took him to see "Monster Jam" at Ford Field - Detroit. We didn't plan to bring Miley with us, but my mom got sick and couldn't watch her, so at the last minute we decided to take her. On the way there we stopped and picked up some ear muffs for the kids. Aiden just LOVED it! We got to go down into the pits and see all the Monster Trucks. Aiden thought he was in Heaven!! He had a great time! We spent the night at a hotel a couple blocks from Ford Field (within walking distance). The kids did great!

And just for the record...Aiden learned to eat popcorn like that from his daddy! ;)

On the night of Aiden's birthday, we ordered out pizza and Aiden got to spend the evening with daddy on the snowmobile. He had a blast! He cried when it was time to come inside. We got him an activity table with a wooden train set. Daddy and Aiden had a blast putting it together!
The Saturday after his birthday we had a little family birthday party for him down the road at the church. The theme was of course "Monster Trucks". Mainly Gravedigger because that is his favorite.
Aaron's cousins, The White Elephant, made the cakes. They not only looked amazing they tasted great too! We made "Gravedigger Juice" which was a huge hit!
He got lots of nice gifts and had a great time!
His Pawpaw thought it would be funny to get him a State hoodie and stocking hat. Mommy was not impressed. Mommy is and always will be an avid Michigan fan...Pawpaw is and always will be an avid STATE fan. Booooooo! I was forced to take a picture of Aiden in his State hat.