Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aiden's 3rd Birthday!

My little boy turned 3 years old on January 14th. The weekend before his birthday we took him to see "Monster Jam" at Ford Field - Detroit. We didn't plan to bring Miley with us, but my mom got sick and couldn't watch her, so at the last minute we decided to take her. On the way there we stopped and picked up some ear muffs for the kids. Aiden just LOVED it! We got to go down into the pits and see all the Monster Trucks. Aiden thought he was in Heaven!! He had a great time! We spent the night at a hotel a couple blocks from Ford Field (within walking distance). The kids did great!

And just for the record...Aiden learned to eat popcorn like that from his daddy! ;)

On the night of Aiden's birthday, we ordered out pizza and Aiden got to spend the evening with daddy on the snowmobile. He had a blast! He cried when it was time to come inside. We got him an activity table with a wooden train set. Daddy and Aiden had a blast putting it together!
The Saturday after his birthday we had a little family birthday party for him down the road at the church. The theme was of course "Monster Trucks". Mainly Gravedigger because that is his favorite.
Aaron's cousins, The White Elephant, made the cakes. They not only looked amazing they tasted great too! We made "Gravedigger Juice" which was a huge hit!
He got lots of nice gifts and had a great time!
His Pawpaw thought it would be funny to get him a State hoodie and stocking hat. Mommy was not impressed. Mommy is and always will be an avid Michigan fan...Pawpaw is and always will be an avid STATE fan. Booooooo! I was forced to take a picture of Aiden in his State hat.

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