Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Weeks To Go...

Well I worked a little more in the nursery last night. I got out of work a couple hours early! =) I went home and started to clean/organize the nursery. I have everything ready to go upstairs in the attic whenever my hubby has a free minute. I'm hoping to finally decide on a paint color and maybe get started this weekend! Once we get the walls and trim painted, we can put the closet organizer up and maybe get carpet (not necessarily in that order). Then all that will be left will be getting baby clothes around and assembling the crib.

It is getting real now. As of Wednesday I only have 5 weeks to go...if the baby goes full term. I'm getting excited! I can't wait to see what she will look like.

I will continue to post pictures of our progress in the nursery, so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok...I want to start out by telling you all about a FABULOUS FREE GIVEAWAY available to you thanks to one of my great friends. My friend, Nicole, has recently decided to support Michigan businesses through her blog. She has chosen to start out with my Pampered Chef business. Check out her blog as she explains everything http://nicolesspirit878.blogspot.com/

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A little history on how I know Nicole. We went to junior high and high school together. It wasn't until our senior year that we really grew close. She is an amazing friend, wife and mother! I am proud to call her one of my best friends! We have been through a lot together...the good and the bad!! I definitely want to thank her for this opportunity!

Now a little bit about myself and my business...

My name is Heather Boyd. I am a mother of a 2 year old boy and my husband of 3.5 years and I are expecting our first little girl in 6 weeks! We are very excited!

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Good Luck to You!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I need your opinion...

So I need your opinions...I am going to start decorating the nursery. I have my bedding theme already, but I need some ideas for what color to paint the walls??

I was thinking a buttercup yellow?? The crib, dresser and changing table are all white. There is pine trim in the bedroom now. I know that it would look amazing if I painted it all white, but the thought of doing that all again overwhelms me! I just finished painting all the trim for our upstairs bedroom and it took like 5 or 6 coats. WAS NOT FUN!! I was also thinking of painting the walls a red color, but unsure. The existing walls and carpet are blue, but I'm having a little girl and don't really want to keep it BLUE for obvious reasons. I have thought about orange, but I KNOW I would have to paint the trim white. I like the sage green, but I'm afraid after its done it would look more like mint green...like the old color of my bathroom.

I've got a couple of friends that want to paint decor on the walls and I have a couple of cute ideas.

I found this wall hanging that I think I will buy and I thought about painting the little circles all over the walls, or at least on a couple of the walls.

There are two windows in the room white blinds. I will be putting up these valances too.

I also want this mobile.

Let me know your opinions. If you think all the theme stuff is too much? What color you think would look the best? Should I paint the trim white? Do you think painting the circle decor on the walls would look cute??
Thanks. I will post pics as we decorate!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Upstairs is COMPLETE!

This last weekend my hubby and I finally finished the renovations to the upstairs. Our first night sleeping up there was Saturday night! It went well, although as expected, my hubby HATES the new bed. I'm convinced he had his mind made up before he ever even laid on it. I spent Saturday and Sunday organizing our clothes and trying to reduce the amount of clothes we have to have hanging in the closet or in a dresser. Trying to sort through seasonal clothing! We went to the store and bought 4 more 30-gallon totes that were quickly filled with winter clothing.

Next on the agenda is the nursery. I am getting very excited for that! Although I am afraid I will be in need of a lot more help because even in the last week it seems even the smallest tasks exhaust me. I'm hoping to finish getting our clothes orgainzed and empty out our old room in the next couple of nights. Then I wash down the walls and clean the carpets. Once that much is done I can decide on a color of paint for the walls and decide whether I want to take on the task of painting all the trim work again or just leave it natural. I have a few friends and my sister that have volunteered to help me paint, so that will be helpful. I got news last Thursday that my hubby will be starting a job in Indiana today and working very long hours, so he won't be a very much help. I do have a few guys that have volunteered to help with any "man" labor needed! So that will be MUCH appreciated!! I am hoping that by the end of the month I can have the nursery completed, so the last month can be concentrated on organizing clothing and finding the little things that we might still have to purchase. I only have 6 weeks left, and that is if she doesn't come early!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Things About Us...

5 Things About Me....

1. I Absolutely LOVE my Family.
2. I can't resist an oreo and a nice cold glass of milk.
3. I love cartoon movies like Disney and Pixar!
4. I'm content with where my life has taken me.
5. I'm a very ANAL person and I organize everything that I possibly can on an Excel

5 Things About Aaron...

1. He LOVES rough housing with Aiden.
2. He hates to have his face or hair touched.
3. He recently realized he can grow an almost full beard.
4. He can fix anything, and if he doesn't at first know how, he will work on it until he figures it out!
5. The smell of vinegar makes him nearly throw up.

5 Things About Aiden...

1. Can speak a little Spanish (using it correctly).

2. Has no fear of anything, but yet still needs his mommy to kiss his owies.

3. Can watch the same movie 26 times in one day (and sit through the entire thing).

4. Cannot go anywhere without his "blue guy" A.k.a. Security Blanket.
5. Gave up his binky (pacifier) in one day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update on the Boyd Family!!

Most of you all know that we are expecting baby #2 in early June!! We found out that it is going to be a little girl. We are SO exctied!! I plan to take 3 months off of work, so I will be off most all of the summer =) I plan to work right up until I have the baby, if everything goes well. That way I can be off till just after the Labor Day holiday! Can not WAIT for that! We are hoping to be able to take several camping trips and make lots of new family memories!

Aiden doesn't quite know what to think of the idea of having a baby around. Some days he loves her and kisses my belly and other days he is not so fond of the idea of having to share his toys ;) It will definitely be very interesting!

Things have been pretty crazy lately between the flu bug, pink eye and pneumonia. We all three got the stomach flu about a month ago. Shortly after that Aiden caught a slight case of pink, which Aaron and I were able to steer clear of. And just in the last week Aiden came down with pneumonia and Aaron and I both have had sever sinus infections. Today is the first day that I feel like I'm among the living. Aaron caught it earlier and seems to be better now. Hopefully once the summer comes, the sickness will GO AWAY!

I am very excited for the summer to be quickly approaching. The nice weather has been so encouraging! We have been busy "remodeling/renovating" our upstairs.

Aaron and I are moving our bedroom upstairs, while our existing bedroom will be the new nursery. We have yet to begin on the new nursery. I did finish the painting of the upstairs this last weekend.

Now we are trying to get carpet bought. Our bed will be delivered some time this Saturday, so that is VERY exciting! Hoping in the next couple of weeks we can be all moved up there and we can start on the nursery. Lots to do for the new baby and not very much time! I started my 4-10s schedule at work this week, so it will be VERY helpful to have Fridays off. Hopefully I can get alot accomplished.

Hopefully I can keep updates flowing on this blog and pictures too.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy this beautiful summer weather.

God Bless,