Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miss Miley's 4 month Update

Well I took Miss Miley in for her 4 month checkup. Surprise...Surprise...she is in the 97th Percentile for both height and weight. She is 26" long and 15lbs 2 oz.

Doc says she is growing beautifully. She is starting to hold her head up better now, but still wants nothing to do with belly time. She definitely is going at her own pace...which I am thrilled with. Since Miley is our last PLANNED baby, I want her to take her time. I am in no hurry to have her scurrying around the floor. I love that she stays where I put her for now.

In the last couple weeks she acquired thrush, which is an oral yeast infection. We've been treating her for that and that has made her irritable. She hasn't been sleeping that well and has been quite cranky. Just last weekend she was up every hour and a half for a couple of nights. Not what mommy and daddy are used to. She has slept 6 or 7 hours since birth. However, in the last couple of nights she has been sleeping through the night and doing much better. She is getting back to her normal content and happy self.

She has chosen in the last couple weeks that she prefers milk from a bottle. It comes out with a lot less work on her part than nursing from mommy. I still nurse at night, but she wants nothing to do with it at during the day. (which is more convenient for me anyway!)

Aaron and I are so blessed to have two beautiful, wonderful children. I thank God every day for the family he has blessed me with.

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