Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids do the craziest things...

First off, I want to update everyone on Miley's progress. Today is Thursday, September 28th. Miley has been taking 3oz from a bottle every morning since Saturday, September 19th. Yes, this is a HAPPY day for us! I decided the ball was really in my court. Why should I expect her to choose the bottle when I breastfeed her every chance I get? She since has taken 3-4 oz from a bottle for the babysitter the last two days =) VERY EXCITING!! I'm still planning to breastfeed in the evenings, but conquering the bottle has been a HUGE step!

I tried cereal with her the Tuesday night. She did pretty well. She really liked the idea of the spoon in her mouth. She didn't spit it right out as soon as it touched her toungue. She actually welcomed it, but didn't seem to know what to do once the cereal got into her mouth.

She has started to coo and make noises. She actually is beginning to laugh out loud. Last night Aiden and I were playing in his room and she was laying next to us on the floor. She was watching Aiden and just busted out laughing...real laughs that sounded like an adult laugh. I ran to get my camera and of course once the camera was in hand she wouldn't do it again. It was the cutest thing!

As for Mr. Aiden...

He has been doing pretty well. Trying to adjust to Mommy's new work schedule is taking a small tole on him, but he is doing better with it. We are noticing more competing for attention. Just last night I was taking a video of Miley cooing while Aiden was eating his dinner. I looked over at him only to find a piece of buttered bread on top of his head...butter side down. I couldn't do anything but laugh and start snapping pictures.

You've gotta love the comedy of children!!!
All in all we are doing great and adjusting to the new schedules. Looking forward to fall and Halloween. Can't wait to post pics of the kids in their costumes!! =)

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