Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Last Vacation of the Summer

Well we made it back safe and sound!! Had a wonderful time. It was cold and rainy most of the time, but we made the best of it.

As some of you all know, in the last few weeks we have established that Aiden (my 2 year old son) gets car sick. This was going to be an issue, since our destination was 4 1/2 to 5 hours away. We called his doctor and found out that the main ingredient in Dramamine is also in Benedryl. So we drugged him before we headed out last Wednesday. We made it a little over 4 hours before Aiden puked (this was probably only 20 minutes from the campground). Luckily we were prepared with plastic bags.

Here we are heading down the road....I'm turned around backwards in the front seat holding the plastic bag, while coaching Aiden through puking. Aaron pulls off the road and gets Aiden out of the truck to walk around a little. I did manage to catch all of the puke and keep his car seat clean. We headed back down the road until we got into the next town. We replenished our supply of plastic bags, making sure to check for holes in the bottom of the bags. We made it out to the campground with only a couple false alarms.

It was pretty decent the first day. We sat around camp until my sister and brother in law got there (about an hour later). We all set up camp and we were in bed by 10:30 or so. The next morning the boys went out fishing, while my sister and I and the kids went into town for showers and a few groceries. It was quite eventful. We showered at a local hotel. We had to take turns...one showering while the other watched the kids. Those of you who know my sister, Jessica, you know she doesn't have any children and doesn't really plan on having them anytime soon!! Oh did I mention we brought her 2 boxer dogs with us...They stayed in the car while we showered. When I was finishing up my shower she took Aiden out to the car to check on her dogs. This went pretty well, but this was when Jess realized that two dogs and a two year old can be slightly stressful. Aiden is a busy 2 year old that doesn't listen that well and wants to get into everything. She let her dogs walk around while still managing to keep Aiden under control! We finished up and ran to the store for a few things. I just stayed in the car with the kids and dogs while Jess ran into the store. I called my dad to get the scoop on when they thought they would make it up. While I was talking the kids were screaming, so I quickly ended the conversation to get after the kids. Jess was just getting back to the car as well. She was loading her stuff in the back of the ride (where her dogs were at). Apparently her dogs don't do well in "stressful" situations. The dogs must have been stressed from the kids screaming and Mickey freaked out because a bag of ice was tipping over in the back next to her. She came sailing over the back seat and jumped right onto Miley in her car seat. She was half on Aiden and half over Miley. The kids were screaming more and the dogs were trembling. We got Mickey out of the vehicle and back into the back, only to have her freak out within seconds and jump over the back seat again. WOW! Seriously? Jess had to move both dogs into the front seat while I moved to the back with the kids. I was cracking up! The dogs were trembling and Jess was slightly stressed, once again realizing that kids and dogs can be stressful! =) We headed back to camp.

My parents came in late Thursday night. It rained Friday on and off. Friday night we all got cleaned up and went out to eat. It got pretty cold Friday night. Saturday was a miserable day!! It was wicked cold (high of 57) and rainy!! We sat in the screened in room with a small heater and played cards while the kids slept. Thankfully, last night it cleared up so we could all sit around the fire (even the kids). It stayed clear into the morning and we were all able to go out fishing.
I caught a 17 1/2" Largemouth Bass and
Aaron caught a 16 1/2" Smallmouth Bass.

Best catches of the weekend.

Miley was GREAT! The older she gets the better she is. She slept great. I really can't wait to see her toddling around next to Aiden! Next summer vacations will be so much fun with the two of them!

We headed home this afternoon around 2. Aiden made it the whole way home without throwing up. Luckily, he slept most of the way. We made it home around 7 and we are so thankful to be home...warm and dry!!
There were several funny little memories made this trip. Made me appreciate not only my family, but the family Aaron and I have created! I love these memories and I'm so happy I married a man that enjoys it as much as I do!!

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