Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 18, 2010

What a Weekend!

Had a great weekend! My sister, Jess, my mom and I went to the Matthew West and Josh Wilson concert at the Christian Family Center in Adrian. It was a blast! Amazing Worship!

Sunday we took the kids to get their pics taken in their Halloween costumes. They both looked adorable. I took a few pictures at the house before we left. I cannot wait to post the professional pics of them. Here is a quick preview of them. Aiden is dressed up as a "Hunter" this year. I didn't get a picture of him with his face paint on, so you will have to wait to see that. He just loves his gun. It makes real shooting noises and everything. Oh and we through in some rattling horns too!

Miss Miley was a skunk. A friend of mine makes tutus and hairbows and she had a halloween line this year. The name of her business is Two Tutu Ladies. Isn't Miley just adorable!!

Here are just a few random new pics of Miss Miley and Aiders. I can't believe how quickly she is growing! Before you know it she'll be turning one and Aiden will be 3...YIKES!

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  1. That is such a cute picture of you guys at the top. Love the new layout!