Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wow! Only 2 weeks left...

Can't believe I only have 5 or 6 days of work left and I will be off all summer! Cannot wait! It is too bad that it won't be 3 months of bliss...more like a month and a half or two months of no sleep and adjusting to healing and a new baby and a 2 year old! Oh well...I am still counting my blessings!
The nursery is completed! (except for her name) I have arranged for a projector that I can borrow for as long as I need. I will use the projector to paint her name on the wall! I put the wall decals up this last weekend. I went shopping with one of my girlfriends last Friday and bought a bunch more clothes and some last minute things that I needed. She now has two outfits to pick from to wear home from the hospital. Everything seems to be in order...just missing the baby!

I have a photo shoot scheduled for a week after she is born. I cannot wait to see those AMAZING pictures!! I will be sure to post some of them on here for all to enjoy!

My 2-year old, Aiden is getting excited for his baby sister's arrival. He refers to her room as sissy's room and when asked who is in my belly he will say sissy! I can't wait to see his first interaction with her. I'm hoping to plan a day just for him and mommy and daddy to spend together before the baby comes. Just to make him feel special!

I have been feeling pretty well lately. I don't know whether it is because she is dropping or what, but the horrible discomfort I was experiencing a few weeks ago doesn't seem to be as bad. For now, I am still sleeping ok. I only have to get up once and sometimes not at all to pee in the night. My 2 year old seems to be my alarm clock for making me get up in the night to pee. I swear almost every night around 4am he wakes up. Wonder if that will be the magic hour for the new baby? That won't be too bad if she only gets up at 4am...wishful thinking anyway!

I visited my good friend, Nicole, yesterday and she blessed me with a whole bag full of goodies for the baby. The greatest invention in the world...the wubbanub!!

Cannot wait to try it out! We struggled so many times with my son and keeping his pacifier in his mouth...this should help out tremendously!! Another miracle invention (so I've heard) is the Belly Bandit!
I cannot wait to try it out. I have heard nothing but amazing things about it and if it alleviates half the pain and helps suck in your gut...I am every bit a HUGE fan!!
She also let me borrow her Medela Double Breast Pump. I cannot wait to use this. When I was breastfeeding my son, I had a brand new Avent Single Breast Pump that seemed to take forever. I'm excited to have the double this time and hopefully cut down on the pumping time.
I'm excited to try some of the things that she has found useful. She is on her third kid and she is getting the necessities down. Quite a few great ideas that I myself will have to look into.
Hope everyone has a blessed day! Look forward to sharing more soon!


  1. How exciting! Welcoming a new baby into the family is so much fun! Good luck and try to get as much rest as you can with 2 little ones! I remember going from 1 to 2, it is a lot of work, but so worth it.

    Can't wait to see photos.

  2. Awww, love ya! I hope you do enjoy everything and the more kids you have you realize you don't want to mess around trying to figure things out or using things that take up your time so I have done my research and I'm sure I still have a millions things I could be doing different but hey that's part of the journey! I am so excited to meet Miss Boyd.