Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Update

Well so far this summer we have made it camping twice and taken a trip to the zoo. We went to a local campground over the 4th of July weekend. Just the four of us. Had a TON of fun.

Surprisingly, Miley was excellent. For only being a month old she did phenomenal! We had great weather the whole weekend and really got to relax and enjoy each other.

A couple weeks ago, we decided spur of the moment to head up north with Aaron's dad and his family. It was a blast! We left around 5pm Monday night, hoping Aiden and Miley would sleep the whole way up there. Needless to say, Aiden talked/sang constantly until we were around 20 minutes from our destination. Miley slept the entire way. Aaron and I both agreed we now realize why parents leave in the middle of the night so kids are sure to sleep! =) Really it wasn't bad!!

We stayed at Avery Lake the first night because it was so late when we got up there. We packed up first thing in the morning and headed to a state park in Atlanta closer to Rush Lake (the lake Aaron's dad wanted to fish). We stayed at this campground until Friday morning. We had a great time!

The boys made a "helmet" for Aiden and he thought he was a robot truck! Hilarious watching him run around like a mad man!!

Aaron's step-sister's bday was on Wednesday, so we all took a trip to Mackinaw. We got to see the bridge and walked around in some of the shops downtown. We had a blast!

The guys fished everyday (except the day we went to the bridge) and caught a few fish, but nothing great! Aaron caught a 22" pike and they all caught some gills.

Aaron's dad and his family took off Friday morning and we left to go back to Avery Lake. My parents and little sister were going to meet us there Friday evening. We got our site all set up and went into Lewiston to fish East Twin Lakes. Aaron caught his very first Walleye (19"). He was pretty happy with that. I didn't fish, I just played with Aiden and kept Miley happy. It was fun just being out there together.

Aiden was CRAZY with his lil' fishing pole. Daddy tied a bobber onto the end of it without a hook. You had to pay attention when he was casting it. Daddy got smacked right in the forehead with it. The bobber also was a great flotation device. He dropped the pole in the water once and the bobber kept it afloat!

We went back to camp and mom, dad and Jess pulled in around 8pm. We helped them set up camp and then sat around the bonfire.

Aunt Jessie thought it would be funny to put some makeup on Aiden. Daddy wasn't very impressed, but it made for a good picture!!=)

Dad and Aaron fished in the morning and Jess and I got to go out with my dad Saturday evening. Dad and I caught some nice smallies, while Jess caught a couple that were small. We had a great time! We all started home Sunday mid morning! Great unexpected trip!!

This last Monday we took a trip to the zoo: my mom, my sister, Jess and me and the kids. We only had a few hours to spend, so we chose to go to Binder Park in Battle Creek. We had a great time. Miley slept through the entire zoo. Aiden LOVED the monkeys, giraffes, and zebras. He and my mom got bit by a goose. Aiden was like, "Momma, he try eat me!" It was quite funny! It was hot, but we had a GREAT time!!
Aiden LOVED his ice cream. You can tell by his "Yellow" shirt once white! =)

All in all we've had a pretty fun summer! We are planning a couple more trips yet this summer. Heading to Jellystone with family in a couple weeks and back up north with my family over the Labor Day holiday! Hopefully we have a few more spur of the moment trips too!

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